When in Canada

Stop assuming.

There is a general notion that Canada isn’t that different from America and in a lot of ways, it’s not, but in many ways, it’s very different. Besides the obvious currency change (which is difficult to manage at times), there are subtle differences that, if you acknowledge them, will allow you to have a completely different experience.

Canada is just a boarder and an enhanced ID away from Buffalo, a place that many of us know so well. Believe it or not, even right across the boarder in Niagara Falls, there is a different culture and it varies the further away you are from the boarder. Just like the different states in the United States, there are a variety of different cultures in Canada. Take the time to learn the different cultures.

For example, in Niagara Falls, Canada- our server told us he was on his Reading Week. We asked if they take the week to read, go the library, etc. As he explained the week to us, we realized their Reading Week is our Spring Break- simply time off from school. Something so little gives a great insight to their culture and their schooling system.

Much like the previous blog posts, take the time to ask the locals about their favorite locations to visit and their experiences living in the area. Canada’s laws and regulations are much different than the United States. Ask them their views about the United States.

Get a different perspective.

You may be amazed how other’s view our country, both positively and negatively. Knowing other perspectives is going to increase your understanding and acceptance of a variety of issues. Simply traveling to Canada and asking other’s views will make you more well-rounded. Accepting other’s ideas, whether educated or not, allows you to handle situations and manage people in a business setting more effectively.

So don’t assume and care about how other’s see something you’re very familiar with.


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